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Lehenga Sarees the Perfect Wedding Party Wear


What is Lehenga Saree/Lehenga Style Saree?

With the changes in fashion trend, people love to experiment with more different styles and thus, came the concept of lehenga style saree, which is the combination of lehenga, choli and saree. Lehenga and choli are the best ever example of traditional apparels for Indians along with sarees, off course. Whenever there is any sort of occasion, then the first thought that crosses the mind is to look attractive and grab as much attention as possible. With the help of quality lehenga styled sari, designed with heavy motifs and bright shades of color, one can easily turn heads without much effort.

latest lehenga style saree

Its Evolution

A lehenga style sari can be defined as a perfect fusion of saree and the traditional look of a lehenga. When these two were fused a new form of designer wear came into prominence known as lehenga style saree. This fusion has succeeded in preserving the ethnic and traditional look of a saree along with a contemporary touch. Thus, you can now easily flaunt a traditional outfit like lehenga style saris in a modern way. Moreover, while wearing this sari, you do not have to think about putting pleats as you just need to tuck the sari inside the drape the fabric around the body. Thus, this will surely save a lot of time and provide you with your desired look as well.

latest lehenga saree in red color

The Reason Behind the Growing Popularity of Lehenga Style Sarees:

  • The first and foremost point which needs to be mentioned in this forum is the convenient look and comfort of such lehenga sarees.
  • These can easily fit with the shape of your body, thus highlighting your body well.
  • Available in breathtaking color combinations, to make this sari even more magnificent and ravishing, the artisans are taking the help of notable colorful beads and small mirrors, which increase the beauty of this sari more.
  • These sarees reflect the beauty of both sarees and lehengas, thus can make any woman look beautiful & gorgeous like a queen. Therefor if you really want to steal the show then these sarees are perfect choice for you.

latest lehenga saree in pink color

Why Lehenga Sarees?

Lehenga style saris are available in an array of designs, colors, prints, fabric within different ranges. Apart from this lots of heavy work like sequins, stone work, embroidery, pearl work increases the charm of such sarees. Some of the eminent prints which are flourishing in the market place are paisleys, abstract designs, geometric shapes and also the common floral prints.

Their beauty will be accentuated with various kinds of embellishments as mentioned earlier. Some important fabrics used for manufacturing these sarees are net, crepe, shimmer, chiffon, silk and even georgette. Thus these sarees are perfect choice for bridal wear. Apart from this any woman can wear this sari who wants to steal the show at any wedding, big occasions, party or other high events.

lehenga saree in red color for bridal

Where to Buy Them?

Always check on your skin color before opting for any specific color combination and try to experiment with new style every time you are planning to buy such traditional apparels. If you are not sure what color or saree will suit you most then read this article, it will help you choose the best saree according to your personality and body type. You can buy lehenga style sarees from the market or you can also buy it online.

lehenga style saree in red color

There are lots of online women fashion store where one buy latest lehenga style sarees online as per their choice of colors, designs, and price range. The Vastra Fashion is also one of the reputed online women fashion clothing store where one can buy not only the latest lehenga style sarees but also all other Indian ethnic wear and fashion accessories for women.

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Traditional Sarees: Perfect for any Festival and Event


A saree or sari can be defined as a colorful strip of cloth which is only worn by women in parts of South Asia and the length of the cloth ranges in between four and nine yards. This is draped all around the body in different styles and this style is quite native to various Indian subcontinents.

traditional saree

The term sari has been derived from Sanskrit word “sati” which mainly means “Strip of cloth”. This piece of apparel is mainly famous in some part of the world like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

The most general style of wearing a sari is to drape the cloth around the waist of the wearer and then drape another part over the shoulder. There are some quality traditional sarees which are sure to make you crave for more. Always look for some reliable manufacturers who are well associated with this field so that you can get quality products at the end.

Different Types of Traditional Sarees:

Banarasi Sarees: This can be defined as a vital example of traditional Indian apparel which is popularly worn by Indian brides. These are woven with intricate patterns along with Mogul designs. There is another narrow pattern of Banaras sarees which is also known as Jhallir.

banarasee saree

Kanjevaram Saris: Defined as the famous and authentic South Indian sari, Kanjevaram is a sheer delight for those who are in love with rich color and thick design. The threads which are used for weaving these products are dipped in pure gold extracts and, therefore, this can be defined as one of the most expensive apparels to lay hands upon. One can easily get these from traditional sarees online.

Kanjevaram Saree

Kota Doria Sarees: This sari is mainly woven with simple and light weight cotton threads which provide a classy yet simple look to the entire apparel. This is the mark of Rajasthani culture and this field is more famous for its beauty and transparent look. These are apt for summer months and people can get these at affordable ranges.

Kota Doria Saree

Konrad Sarees: Also known as temple sarees, Konrad is an example of Tamil Nadu region. These sarees are woven for the temple idols and are available in various patterns and shades. Previously, the colors which were used for manufacturing these products are white, brown and grey.

designer saree

These are many other Indian traditional sarees which are gaining popularity not only in India but worldwide. You can also opt for shopping traditional sarees online which is the best way to get some quality products at reasonable rates.

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Lehenga Choli: Best Bridal Wear Option


new designs of bridal lehenga choli green colorLehenga Choli is being worn by Indian bride since many years. She wants to be adorned in beautiful designer lehenga instead of saree on the special occasion of her wedding. Traditionally, all lehengas was in full cut, but now there are variety of options to choose the best one for yourself. Now, bridal lehenga is available in various cut and style suiting the body type of the wearer. There are different Types of Bridal Lehenga Choli which a woman can choose to wear on her wedding day. Some of the most popular Types of Lehenga Choli are briefed below:

Straight Cut Lehenga: Soft fabric is used in this type of lehengas. It is wrap around skirt, which is straight from the waist to the hem. It has slits on the side for ease of movement. This lehenga gives slimmer look to the bride.

Fish Tail or Mermaid Style Lehenga: Mermaid style lehenga resembles the tail of a mermaid. It is fitted till knee and flares out to the bottom, giving fit look to hips.

Latest designer lehenga choli for bride

A Line Lehenga: This lehenga flares from the waist to the hem of the bride. It resembles the alphabet A.

Panel Length Lehenga: It also gives slimmer look with right amount of flare. Wide number of panel sewn are combined together to make panel length lehenga. Designers can use different fabrics with contrasting colors in the panel.

Circular or Flared Lehenga: It is classy designer lehenga with large circumference along with lots of plates near the waist. It is stitched with flowy fabrics.

Designer A - Line LehengaApart from above mentioned lehengas, Lancha and Sharara are some of the other very popular wedding outfits. A lancha has a long choli, which comes down a few inches to the hip with sharara, a skirt divided vertically with stitches in the center. It is mostly worn by Muslim bride. You can choose any above mentioned lehenga for your wedding suiting your body type. If you have perfect curves fish cut or flared lehenga will be good option. And, if you are thin or slim A Line Lehenga will look best on you.

The designer lehenga choli are available in different types of materials like brocade, chiffon, cotton, crape, khadi, net, satin and silk. However, the most preferred material is silk. Beading, embroidery work and other accessories are added to garment to enhance it look.

You may Refer the Below Mentioned Tips Before Choosing any Designer Lehenga Choli:

Color: The most important things which is to be considered is the color of you lehenga. Select color, which compliments your skin tone. If you have dusky complexion you can go for dark color lehenga. Although, the shades of red, blue, pink, green and maroon are ideal for brides these days.

designer circular or flared style lehenga

Designs: Various accessories are used by designers to give distinctive patterns and designs to lehenga. The cholis are designed using precious stones as per the preference of the wearer. You can also customize your lehenga.

designer sharara outfit for bride

Styles and Patterns: You can go for different style and pattern of the lehenga that suit your body type. Make sure to select only that lehenga that will flaunt your figure and make you look more beautiful.

latest designer lehenga choli for bride

Style of the cholis: The choli of the lehenga should be selected as per the design of the lehenga. You can choose backless cholis, single shoulder, deep neck and off shoulder choli for your lehenga.

You can also check the latest designer lehenga choli of Libas for more ideas and new designs in bridal lehengas.

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Sarees – the Best Indian Women Outfit


Fashion is ever changing. What we call trendy today may become obsolete tomorrow. So it is always important for fashionable men and women to always stay updated about the latest fashion trends. One good aspect of globalization is that it has enabled people from different countries and cultures to blend with each other, thus paving the way for new tastes and conventions.

bridal saree for wedding

The most profound influence of this intermingling can perhaps be found in the field of fashion. The western fashion has been warmly welcomed in the eastern hemisphere just as the oriental dressing style has been widely accepted in the west. Perhaps the most sought after Indian women outfit is the saree which has been in the Indian subcontinent from time immemorial.

designer bridal saree in pink for wedding

Indian sarees are fast gaining importance among fashion conscious women. Sarees have become the favorite of women not only from India but from abroad also. Though saree has been the main dress of Indian women since ancient times, it has neither lost its relevance nor its grandeur. Moreover, nowadays, new experiments are being made with sarees in order to make them fashionable and trendy. Designer saree can easily be bought at reputed designer stores all over the world. These sarees are perfectly designed for ceremonial purposes and can be obtained at affordable prices.

designer bridal saree in red color for wedding

A bridal saree is specially designed as a bridal wear and is more pompous than any other form of saree. These sarees are generally decorated with beautiful embroideries and even sometimes with golden threads. Indian sarees have always made a woman look beautiful and these bridal wears enhance the beauty even more. There are several designers who specialize in party wear saree.

designer bridal saree red for wedding

Products of larger brands generally come with a high price tag, but there are several smaller designers as well who sell almost identical materials that also without compromising much with the quality. So, there is enough to serve all tastes and budgets. Indian sarees can also be bought online nowadays. Interested buyers just need to visit an online store and place an order after going through the catalogues.

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Buying Tips: Which Type of Salwar Kameez Will Suit Me Most?


salwar kameez for girls

Every women dream of having wide collection of party wear salwar kameez in her wardrobe. Different salwar kameez are made from different materials such as crepe, chiffon, cotton, silk and georgette. You can buy it in plan, printed or embroidered pattern suiting the occasion. But just buying designer salwar suit is not enough one should know how to carry it and choose the best from the market suiting their personality. The right selection of salwar suit can help in hiding physical flaws of your body.

fancy designer salwar suit

If you have bulky body, go for little longer sleeves about 5 inches and vertical printed salwar suit. The length of the kameez should not be too short. For plumpy females, vertical prints big, flower prints and dark colors salwar kameez is perfect. Closed neck kameez with churidar pajami gives slimmer look. Apart, the height of the wearer should also be considered while purchasing.

designer salwar suit in red

Some of the other tips to look best in fancy salwar kameez are listed below:

1. Don’t choose the too tight salwar kameez as it will make you look plumper and odd.
2. If you have short height goes for light color salwar kameez. Right color should be selected suiting height and complexion.
3. If you want to look taller, your salwar kameez should be a little longer in height.
4. If you want to look slimmer, avoid Organza or any stiff cloth
5. If you have heavy arms, go for half or long sleeves, which are meant to hide heavy arms
6. If you are short in height, wear solid colors and simple lines salwar kameez
7. If you have thick waist, wear straight silhouettes in solid color
8. If you are fat, wear skinner striped cloth to appear thin

designer salwar kameez in black

Go today and buy the best party wear salwar kameez for yourselves or your loved ones keeping in mind the above mentioned tips. Hope these tips would be helpful in enhancing your appearance.

designer salwar suit in off white

Types of Salwar:

Salwar is the important part of fancy salwar kameez. Without it kameez will be incomplete. There are huge varieties of salwar available in the market. Some among them are briefed below:

Punjabi salwar: It has small panchas and gathered at the waist with a chord/drawstrings/elastic band
Patiala: It has pleats which are twisted and gathered at the lower part of the waist
Dhoti style: It is wrapped like a dhoti giving traditional look
Churidar salwar: It is tight fitted with curls at the ankle length
Parellel salwar: It generate modern look and resembles pants or trousers

designer salwar kameez

designer salwar kameez designer green

designer salwar kameez in green

If you are not so efficient in buying the best salwar kameez for yourself seek the help of your friend and family. Select the best range of party wear salwar kameez that will enhance your look and perfectly suit to your complexion and body type. Do extensive research on market to understand the latest trend and opt right designers or shop for yourself. If you are looking to buy salwar kameez, then you can also checkout the collection latest designer salwar kameez online  at any good shopping site, do analyze your budget and accordingly look for good designer ones. G+

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Designer Sarees: Perfect Dress for Bridal,Wedding and Party Wear


designer bridal saree in pink for wedding

Indian Saree is a beautiful apparel of India and is loved by most of the women not only in India but in other countries as well. There are different types of sarees based on the fabric, textile, decoration work, regional speciality, designs, etc. and each types of saree has its own unique beauty. Many women also choose designer sarees as bridal wear for their wedding day. Bridal sarees are specially designed by the qualified and brilliant designers to make this dress as attractive & beautiful as possible. Wedding sarees comes with rich fabric and lots of decorating & designer work like heavy embroidery, zari, stone, lace work, etc. Mention below is some of the valuable tips that will surely help you in selecting best wedding saree:

designer bridal saree in red color for wedding

Selecting the best boutique:

There are numerous boutiques in the market who deal in latest designer sarees. You may select best among them. You can consult your friend and family & even search on internet for the boutique. Also, it is important to check your spending before purchasing. You can visit to shop that suit your requirement and budget.

bridal saree for wedding

Keep exploring:

Stick to the best saree not the designer who designed it. If you like the pattern, color and look of the saree and the budget is perfect for you, buy it. It may to possible that you simply love the saree which is totally opposite to the idea of your designer wedding sarees. Also, explore the market don’t stick to one boutique only. Apart, don’t be specified to one color only, you should go with totally flexible and open-mind while selecting the saree for the occasion.

Do bargain:designer bridal saree red for wedding

Do bargain the price of the designer saree. You can talk to designer or boutique manager to lower down the prices of the saree as you are interested in buying it.

Checkout the quality and pattern of saree carefully: 

It is important to check the quality of the saree before buying it. Wear it at the boutique itself to make sure that you are not being cheated. Look to the quality of fabrics on which the designing is being done. Also, not be shy to ask the designers about the material which is used and its drawback and highlights.

Hope, these points will help you in buying the best Wedding Saree for your wedding at highly affordable prices suiting your pocket size. Apart to keep your saree always new, pack them in paper and then keep it in plastic bag. It will protect it from the damage due to insects and other material. So, go and buy good designer saree for yourself and flaunt yourself to the occasion.

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Kurtis & Tunics – A Blend of Fashion and Culture


Presently, a huge spectrum of Indian dresses is available in the market like sarees, kurtas, kurtis, salwar kameez, tunics, shawls, chunni, stoles, etc. among which kurtis and tunics have a important place in the heart of women.

red designer kurti for ladiesWith the altering trends in the fashion industry, it has become important to keep updated and stay ahead in the league of fashion conscious people. This can be made possible by incorporating some innovative changes in the closet while emphasizing on contrasts, fusion and diversity. While innovation accompanies plethora of styles, designs and patterns, however, right selection of the outfit should be made on the basis of comfort and body structure. Extemporizing oneself with right attire certainly demands a keen understanding of one’s body size, skin colors and most importantly comfort factor.

Among a wide selection of latest and trendy women apparel available these days, Ladies kurtis and tunics are one such desirable attire that can never go wrong in any occasion. Available in varied designs, colors and sizes, its demand has risen beyond expectations in the gone few years and is still popping up in the market. It not only flatters and grooms one’s personality but also provides comfort to an utmost extent. It nicely fits into anyone’s body without causing any discomfort. Being one of the most common and easy available apparel, Indian Ladies Kurtis are preferred by numerous female buyers to be worn on several occasions or auspicious moments of life.

latest designer ladies kurtis

Keeping up with the fast changing pace and remain in line with fashion in vogue, many designers and fashion houses are coming up with a spectrum of intricately designed ladies wear to compete in the markets. One such innovation amongst others is Ladies Kurtis which is demanded by almost every women in the market. From short kurtis to long one, cotton, printed to Georgette and part wear, these are available in diverse designs, colors and patterns to be carried well in all kinds of occasions as well as weather. These kurtis can be adorned with beads or sequins, embroidered or mirror work, to give an aesthetic appeal and look. Not only this, Ladies Kurtis are a perfect match with denims, capris or even skirts if there is a requirement of Indian touch.

Tunic Tops For Women is among the new arrivals that is considered to be much more fashionable and comfortable. With diversity in colors, sizes and styles, these look trendy and can be worn with denims or leggings to give a pleasing appearance. While these adds to one’s look immensely, however, selection is to be done carefully and with complete knowledge of the trends and patterns prevailing in the market. These come in various fabrics, colors and prices suiting to almost all needs and within budget. Comfortable, sporty and figure flattering, are some of the basic attributes that make these Tunic Tops For Women a preferred and sought after choice of fashion concerned ladies buyers.

With the growing popularity and diversity of fashionable clothes in the market, people are getting more and more inclined towards the clothes that guarantees not only style but comfort at the same time. Of the many options and designers clothes available in the market, Ladies Kurtis and tops never goes out of fashion and is quite ostensible with its increased demands. Paired with accessories like belts, clutches, bracelets, etc, these outfits will never let anyone unnoticed in gatherings.

Author  is a leading designer Indian kurtis wholesaler, designer womens tunics suppliers and exporter of all other Indian womens clothing like designer saree, salwar kameez, suits, lehenga, ladies kurta, tunics, fancy stoles, shawls, etc. in wholesale.
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