Traditional Sarees: Perfect for any Festival and Event


A saree or sari can be defined as a colorful strip of cloth which is only worn by women in parts of South Asia and the length of the cloth ranges in between four and nine yards. This is draped all around the body in different styles and this style is quite native to various Indian subcontinents.

traditional saree

The term sari has been derived from Sanskrit word “sati” which mainly means “Strip of cloth”. This piece of apparel is mainly famous in some part of the world like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

The most general style of wearing a sari is to drape the cloth around the waist of the wearer and then drape another part over the shoulder. There are some quality traditional sarees which are sure to make you crave for more. Always look for some reliable manufacturers who are well associated with this field so that you can get quality products at the end.

Different Types of Traditional Sarees:

Banarasi Sarees: This can be defined as a vital example of traditional Indian apparel which is popularly worn by Indian brides. These are woven with intricate patterns along with Mogul designs. There is another narrow pattern of Banaras sarees which is also known as Jhallir.

banarasee saree

Kanjevaram Saris: Defined as the famous and authentic South Indian sari, Kanjevaram is a sheer delight for those who are in love with rich color and thick design. The threads which are used for weaving these products are dipped in pure gold extracts and, therefore, this can be defined as one of the most expensive apparels to lay hands upon. One can easily get these from traditional sarees online.

Kanjevaram Saree

Kota Doria Sarees: This sari is mainly woven with simple and light weight cotton threads which provide a classy yet simple look to the entire apparel. This is the mark of Rajasthani culture and this field is more famous for its beauty and transparent look. These are apt for summer months and people can get these at affordable ranges.

Kota Doria Saree

Konrad Sarees: Also known as temple sarees, Konrad is an example of Tamil Nadu region. These sarees are woven for the temple idols and are available in various patterns and shades. Previously, the colors which were used for manufacturing these products are white, brown and grey.

designer saree

These are many other Indian traditional sarees which are gaining popularity not only in India but worldwide. You can also opt for shopping traditional sarees online which is the best way to get some quality products at reasonable rates.

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